How can climate change undermine progress, competitiveness, stability and resilience in partner countries of the EU?

Past and future climate vulnerability may undermine the development, stability and resilience of countries in a strategic partnership with the EU. These processes could affect the EU’s diplomatic relations in terms of displacement risk and migration, water diplomacy, development and humanitarian aid.

Storylines will focus on the following target regions:

  • countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP)
  • the EU Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs)
  • countries with strategic importance for EU external actions such as water diplomacy and migration

In our storylines we will:

  • analyse the nexus between climate change, security and resilience, for instance by developing and enhancing composite indices
  • assess the impacts of climate change on the risk of humanitarian crises and disasters
  • Consider the regional capacity to adapt to climate change as well as to environmental and socio-political pressures
  • explore future needs for development aid and humanitarian interventions

Find out more about how RECEIPT’s research can help climate-proofing development aid in our interview with Jaroslav Mysiak of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change.

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