How can we reduce vulnerability to extreme weather in areas outside of Europe?

Our storylines will map the impacts of major droughts, floods and hurricanes worldwide on supply chains, value chains and trade relations of European commodities. Sectors of special interest are:

  • high-tech materials
  • the car industry
  • renewable energy infrastructure

Our storylines will:

  • estimate the vulnerability of the European economy to extreme weather
  • scale impact storylines with future warming
  • simulate the economic impact chain for past impacts and compare these with observed economic repercussions
  • develop possible socio-economic scenarios for the economic network structure using CGE simulations
  • project future economic impacts under different storylines and different socio-economic scenarios
  • develop possible adaptation measures to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience of the European economy

Access the Climate storyline visualiser to learn more about the Manufacturing storyline. Challenge your knowledge about cross-border climate impacts taking the Climate storyline quiz.