The Climate storyline visualiser ( builds and shows climate change impact stories that occur far away from European borders, and their direct or indirect consequences on the European Union.

Climate Impact Stories visualiser

Five main storylines

The RECEIPT climate story explorer emphasises how climate change’s effects extend far beyond its borders by looking into climate risks outside Europe and their potential consequences for key European socio-economic sectors such as:

  • Agriculture (Climate shocks affecting production of soy)
  • Manufacturing chains Finance (Tropical cyclones in Texas and Louisiana)
  • International development (Food insecurities in the Horn of Africa)
  • Coastal infrastructure (Floodings in the French Atlantic Coast)
  • Finance (Natural disasters in Overseas Territories)

With this tool, researchers, stakeholders, policymakers, and citizens can gain deeper insights about the relationship between climate change and the well-being of the EU and remote regions.