Recent findings from the Horizon 2020 RECEIPT project shed light on the imminent threats of remote climate change impacts to the European Union. Over the past four years, a interdisciplinary community of researchers from all around Europe have developed, under the umbrella of RECEIPT, a novel risk assessment methodology through storylines to comprehend, predict, and prepare for climate-related risks that directly or indirectly impact Europe.

Storyline approach

By tracing ‘storylines’, narratives detailing sequences of climate-related events, researchers examined climate change events across the globe and their consequences on five key European socio-economic sectors: agriculture, coastal infrastructure, finance, international development, and manufacturing chains.

Project results

RECEIPT researchers envisaged alternative scenarios, offering insights into how these events could have unfolded differently and assessed the amplified or mitigated impacts. The RECEIPT researchers have distilled actionable recommendations for decision-makers into five policy briefs.

The project also introduced an online Climate Impact Stories Visualiser, showcasing storylines of indirect climate change impacts of climate change on the EU. Additionally, a Climate Event Impact quiz was launched, empowering users to test their knowledge.

For further insights, testimonies from RECEIPT researchers, including Bart van den Hurk, Elco Koks, Ertug Ercin, Jana Sillmann, and Robin Middelanis, elucidate the significance of the storyline approach and the results of the project.

Published on : 30 November 2023