RECEIPT is not alone in exploring the links between COVID-19 and the climate crisis. has just published its quarterly newsletter, which is entirely focused on this topic. The newsletter features academic publications and assembles insights from a variety of H2020 projects. Articles are ranging from:

  • impacts of the pandemic on global emissions and inequality,
  • opportunities for green recovery and
  • risk management lessons from the pandemic for cascading impacts of the climate crisis.

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When a crisis hits, decision-makers need to react quickly and decisively. So, preparedness is key. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how challenging it can be to respond effectively to unprecedented high-impact disruptions. It was often only through trial and error that decision-makers found effective and cohesive approaches. Local and national authorities have come a long way since the early days of the pandemic though, and the COVID-19 response can serve as an exercise in adaptive risk management strategies. It can help decision-makers to be better prepared, not just for any future pandemic, but for other global disruptions as well, like the ongoing climate crisis. Read more.

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Published on : 30 March 2021