The general assembly meeting took place on 5-7 October 2022 at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), in Laxemburg, Austria, and online. The meeting gathered almost 40 researchers from different institutions across Europe.

The three-day meeting kicked off with a warm welcome from the project coordinator Bart van den Hurk, from Deltares, who gave the floor to all participants to present themselves. Most members had only met in person at the beginning of the project, so this was an excellent way to break the ice. After that, everyone got down to work with a testing session on the evaluation protocol of the storyline visualiser that is being built as part of the project. The testing was followed by a discussion on how the evaluation and the visualiser could be adapted and targeted at stakeholders.

In the afternoon of the first day, each work package gave an overview on the scientific innovations and conclusions per storyline, as well as useful outputs for synergies of risks and policy implications. These sectoral sessions continued the next day and resulted in deep discussions on what storylines are. As young researcher Patryk Kubiczek, from the Postdam Institute for Climate Research Impact, put it, the storylines’ project “has taken him out of his comfort zone” as a scientist.

The last sessions of the meeting were devoted to exchange the upcoming plans of each work package and coordinate future actions for the last year of the project.

The meeting was a great opportunity for all the members of the consortia to meet in person for the second time in three years.

Published on : 10 October 2022