Surprising as it may be, increasing global temperatures could go hand in hand with more intense snowfall. Global warming caused by the continuous emission of greenhouse gasses is linked to increasingly frequent and intense weather events, ranging from heatwaves to major hurricanes. RECEIPT researchers are interested in how changing precipitation patterns due to global warming could lead to impacts such as floods and extreme snowfall.

Increasing global temperatures are changing how and when it snows. Higher temperatures are decreasing the average daily snowfall. But it is also having the opposite effect! Warmer temperatures are linked to increased evaporation followed by intense precipitation. This can lead to extreme snowfall. RECEIPT researchers found that many regions show an increase of both effects, especially in North America and Asia. Snow becomes less frequent but can be more intense.

Can’t wait to find out more about this research from RECEIPT researchers Robin Middelanis, Sven Willner and Anders Levermann in a joint paper with Lennart Quante? Find their publication with Nature Publishing Group here.

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Published on : 18 November 2021