On this year’s EGU’s General Assembly (#EGU22), multiple RECEIPT’s researchers organised and participated in a wide range of sessions. RECEIPT followed these sessions online and joined the conversation on Twitter too. Below we have gathered some of the main highlights.

On the first day of #EGU22, Sadhana Niradjan presented her latest study “A spatially-explicit harmonized global dataset of critical infrastructure” published in Nature Scientific Data. In this article we provide more insights about this study as well as its relevance for the risk assessment research field.

Karin van der Wiel was recognised with a AS Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture in which she gave an on-site presentation about the links between societal impacts and changing weather. The day after she talked the audience through the consecutive increase of droughts in the Northwest of Europe due to a warmer climate.

Tuesday 24 of May was one of the busiest days for our researchers. Elco Koks and Sadhana Niradjan convened the session “Advancing critical infrastructure modelling in a complex world“, including presentations about different critical infrastructures and the effects of extreme events on those.

Did you also had the chance to participate at #EGU22 but couldn’t attend all the sessions you wanted? Session organisers will be sharing their materials here.

Save the date for next year’s EGU Conference: 23-28 April 2023!

Published on : 14 June 2022